Tenancy agreement terms

These terms form part of our wider Terms of Business and should be read alongside applicable letting plan termswebsite and platform termsuser terms and privacy policy.

Under the Basic, Essential and Complete plans, you will have access to the Digital Contract Maker to create a tenancy agreement between you and your tenant(s). This will be created and digitally signed via the lettingaproperty.com platform. 

All letting plan users must use a tenancy agreement created via lettingaproperty.com. Any customers switching from another agent during tenancy must create a new agreement via lettingaproperty.com.

When creating your tenancy agreement, it's important that all information you provide is clear and accurate. The correct registered contact address, phone number and email address must be provided for all parties for the document to be signed and tenancy to begin. 


All tenancy agreements created using the Digital Contract Maker automatically include all legally required mandatory clauses. Landlords can also select optional common clauses to add to their tenancy agreement, all of which are legally compliant.
Landlords do have the option to add their own custom clauses, but there is a risk that they will not meet best practices. Any custom clauses must be reasonable and written in plain, transparent language. If a clause is proven to be unfair, it cannot be enforced and will not be legally binding.
To avoid unfair and unenforceable tenancy terms, we recommend using lettingaproperty.com‘s standard tenancy agreement and the list of common clauses available if required.

After signature, any changes to the agreement must be submitted to and approved by our Support Team to ensure the changes are in line with our rent protection and LetsProtect terms.

The template used for our Digital Contract Maker is created under licence and copyrighted. Neither lettingaproperty.com or our licensor can provide general or legal telephone advice relating to the tenancy agreement. We suggest you take independent legal advice if necessary. 

We cannot be held responsible where an incorrect agreement has been used by you to let your property. All agreements and forms provided by us are to be used as a tenancy agreement guide only. Should you or your tenant wish to include further considerations within the agreement, that is entirely your responsibility. 

We will not be held liable for failure of any part of any agreement you have created via lettingaproperty.com.