Property management terms

These are the terms of service for our Property Management services, delivered under our Complete Plus plan. These terms should be read in addition to our other letting plan terms, website and platform termsprivacy policy and user terms.

If you have any questions regarding these terms, please contact us

Section 1: Annual Certificates

1.1 Annual Gas and Electrical Safety Certificates

We will automatically instruct our contractors to complete an annual gas safety certificate, and the cost will be deducted from the rent. You will be notified of the cost prior to instruction.

1.2 Service Contracts and Preferred Contractors

Where a landlord has made us aware of a service contract or preferred contractor, we will automatically instruct those and deduct the cost from the rent if applicable.

Section 2: Repairs and Maintenance

2.1 Responsibility for Repairs and Maintenance (Complete Plus Plan Only)

Where appropriate and before LETTINGAPROPERTY.COM management commences, we will agree a level of responsibility for dealing with repairs and maintenance (Complete Plus Plan only). Unless otherwise agreed in writing and unless we have received instructions regarding existing guarantees, service contractors, or favoured contractors, we will instruct our own contractors to carry out repairs or necessary maintenance up to an estimated value of £200.00 inclusive of VAT or £300.00 inclusive of VAT for overseas Landlords per job. If the estimate is greater than £200.00 inclusive of VAT, we would notify the Landlord and await instructions, subject to the following conditions:

2.2 Emergency Repairs (Within Office Hours)

Within office hours, where the works are regarded as an emergency such as the property being unsecure, water ingress into the property, or the property becoming uninhabitable, LETTINGAPROPERTY.COM will instruct a contractor immediately using the home emergency cover already in place.

2.3 Emergency Repairs (Outside Office Hours)

Outside of office hours, where the works are regarded as an emergency such as the property being unsecure, water ingress into the property, or the property becoming uninhabitable, Landlord and/or Tenant will instruct a contractor immediately using the home emergency cover already in place.

2.4 Essential Repairs

Where the works are regarded as essential, we will contact you to make you aware of the issue. If we do not hear from you within 2 hours of reporting the issue, we will instruct a contractor/or home emergency cover (if applicable) and deduct any costs from the rent.

2.5 Service Contracts and Preferred Contractors

Where we have been made aware of any service contracts or preferred contractors, we will instruct the relevant parties. For the avoidance of doubt, essential works can include but are not limited to boiler or heating breakdowns, electrical repairs, appliance breakdowns, issues with security, sanitary issues including showers and baths, broken locks and windows, leaks and plumbing repairs, structural damage, and gas issues.

2.6 Non-Urgent Repairs

Where work is not urgent, we will contact the Landlord to ask permission to instruct contractors. If we have not heard within 7 days, we will either instruct contractors to perform the works or instruct contractors to provide a quote which we will forward to the Landlord for approval depending on the type of work and how important it is to be completed. For any works over £150 and up to £500, we can provide one quote. For any works over £500, we can provide two quotes. If we receive a council enforcement notice forcing essential works to be completed at a Landlord’s Let property, then we will charge an admin fee to the Landlord of £200.00 inclusive of VAT. The cost of this will be deducted from the rent. Where quotes for works exceed the rent amount, we request that an upfront payment is made. Once payment has been received the works will be instructed.

2.7 Maintenance Float

There will be a maintenance float of £300 to be held on account, and if used, this will be replenished from future rental income to maintain the £300 balance.

2.8 Contractor Commission

LETTINGAPROPERTY.COM will retain 10% commission from any contractor’s invoices which are arranged by the company and retain any trade discounts.

2.9 Service Contracts Information

If there are any service contracts on any items within the property, we ask that prior to a tenancy, we are advised of all relevant details pertaining to the contracts including contact details, account, or reference numbers and what is specifically covered. As part of our Complete Plus Plan, and in addition to our normal routine visits, we or a contractor appointed by us, will examine defects or problems that are brought to our attention by the Tenant. We cannot be held liable for hidden defects, and our inspection does not in any way constitute a survey.

2.10 Liability

Whilst we shall act positively and promptly to prevent any loss, damage, or injury to persons or the properties connected with our company, we cannot accept responsibility should such an event(s) occur.

2.11 Additional Documentation and Support

Should we as Agent be asked to provide ‘additional’ documentation and/or support (outside of the normally accepted package) for any court proceedings on your behalf whilst dealing with disputes there will be a cost implication. The fee payable will be £30.00 inclusive of VAT per hour.

2.12 Inventory

A detailed inventory report detailing, item, description, and condition will be produced at the beginning of each new tenancy, this does not include renewals.

2.13 Mid Term Inspections and Additional Visits

Midterm inspections and additional visits can be obtained and are available to purchase on our products platform.

2.14 Inspection Limitations

Landlords must appreciate the limitations of such inspections which are not a schedule of condition or a survey. The clerk will look generally at the interior decorations, carpet, and furnishings, commenting on whether they appear to be in poor, fair or good condition raising specific points. They will also look outside at gardens, sheds, garages, and other out-buildings and comment on external decorations and windows. They will look for obvious repairs ask tenants if present, if there are any necessary repairs required. It is not possible to look inside locked stores, cupboards, or areas where the tenant denies them access.

2.15 Inspection Records

The inspection is not an inventory, and as such, changes to the décor may not be recorded.

2.16 Pre-Existing Issues

Switch or upgraded landlords – any pre-existing/historic issues related to the property might not be covered under the complete plus plan. However, LETTINGAPROPERTY.COM is open to assisting with these existing issues at an hourly cost that would be agreed upon prior to any works being undertaken.

Section 3: Term of Contract

3.1 Duration of Management Appointment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our appointment as the managing Agent will last for the duration of any fixed-term tenancy agreement. Three months written notice must be given to end a management appointment. With a severance fee of £300 for admin and closure of the account and consolidation of any outstanding maintenance issues.

3.2 Termination During Statutory Periodic State

If the Landlord terminates our agreement, whilst the tenancy is within a statutory periodic state a minimum period of 3-month written notice must be given. With a severance fee of £300 for admin and closure of the account.

3.3 Change in Terms of Business

In the event of a change to our Terms of Business to which you are not agreeable, you are within your rights to terminate the agency contract with none of the above restrictions applying.


We reserve the right to terminate the agency contract between yourself and LETTINGAPROPERTY.COM after giving you three months written notice in writing at any time if the working relationship is not conducive for a productive outcome for all parties.

3.5 Amendment of Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these 'Terms and Conditions' at any time and will give the Landlord one calendar month written notice of our intentions.