When do Right to Rent checks happen?

Landlords must check their prospective tenant has the right to rent before entering into a tenancy agreement. 

Home Office online service

Online Right to Rent checks can be carried out at any time before the tenancy is signed. It is the most convenient method for both landlords and tenants, as there is no need to meet in person or provide physical documents. Although the most convenient, tenants cannot be forced to use the online service method if they prefer not to. The online service can't be used in all circumstances and is not currently available for UK passport holders.

How are Right to Rent checks carried out?

In-person manual checks

In-person checks can be carried out before the tenancy is signed and must be in the presence of the tenant. This is less convenient for landlords and tenants who do not live nearby but can be carried out at the property viewing if required. In-person right to rent checks can be discussed and organised via the Message Centre.