What is pre-viewing screening?

Pre-viewing screening allows landlords to set certain criteria for the tenants. Tenants provide this information when submitting a viewing request. 
Tenants will be required to give more information before the viewing, including:
  • Combined household income
  • Guarantor availability (if required)
  • Declaration of CCJs or IVAs
Landlords can indicate whether their property is suitable for: :
  • Students
  • Smoker
  • Pet owners

This information will be presented to the landlord in a Pre-screening profile when the tenant requests a viewing. This shows the tenant's name and identity verification status, as well as the following criteria:

  • Affordability
  • Employment
  • Adverse Credit
  • Smoker 
  • Student
  • Pets

These criteria will be marked green or red depending on the tenant's status and the landlord's specific requirements. Green indicates that the tenant matches the criteria. Red indicates a precautionary result, meaning their result could go against the landlord's requirements, or present an issue with application referencing later on. 

Please note that a precautionary result does not indicate a 'bad' tenant. It is entirely up to the landlord whom they arrange viewings with or accept as tenants. 

Landlords on a letting plan must know that their tenants must pass referencing to qualify for LetsProtect and rent protection. Precautionary indicators on Affordability, Employment or Adverse Credit may mean that the tenant will fail referencing without a guarantor.