What happens if the tenant has damaged the property?

If a tenant causes any damage in the property due to an accident or neglect, they must return the property to the original standard when they vacate. For example, if the tenant broke the bannister on the stairs, they must fix or replace this before vacating the property.
If a tenant leaves the property and has not rectified any damage they have caused (beyond reasonable wear and tear), the landlord can deduct the cost from the tenancy deposit. If the tenant does not accept these deductions, the dispute will be investigated by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, or  Safe Deposits Scotland

If your tenant has caused damage to the property, beyond reasonable wear and tear, you may be able to claim the damage costs on the tenancy deposit. 

You can submit a deposit claim at the end of your tenancy. This claim will be processed by our deposit partners, Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).  

In these circumstances, it’s useful to have a record of the property’s condition to support your dispute. A property inventory (carried out at the start of the tenancy) and a check-out inspection are essential documents for any deposit claim.