What does a check-out inspection involve?

A tenant check-out usually happens on the last day of the tenancy when the tenant moves out and returns the keys.
check-out inspection is an assessment of the property's condition at the end of the tenancy. The purpose is to ensure everything has been left in the condition it was originally let.
An AIIC-accredited clerk will refer back to your inventory and inspect every aspect of the property for signs of damage, uncleanliness or missing items. This includes (but is not limited to) walls, floors, windows, exteriors, kitchen fittings, bathroom ceramics or any supplied furniture or appliances.
Your clerk will record any changes to the property and take photographs, as well as test the smoke alarm and take meter readings.
The inspection will be carried out with the tenant present and they will be asked to sign the document afterwards. This show the tenant agrees with the clerk's record of the property and may be useful evidence if there is a damage-related deposit dispute.