What do the different referencing results mean?

Once complete, referencing results will be sent to the landlord to view from the lettingaproperty.com platform. The landlord will receive recommended actions based on the reference results.


If your tenants have passed referencing, it means you can proceed to the next step, setting up your tenancy.
Tenants will pass if they can afford the rent, have a clear credit file and have a positive previous landlord reference. If a tenant has not rented in the UK before, they can still pass without a previous landlord reference - but the landlord check result will be ‘Caution’.
Tenants can also pass referencing with a guarantor. If they stated that they require a guarantor during the application, the guarantor can pass on the tenant's behalf.
Please note
lettingaproperty.com recommend that landlords ensure their tenants pass the affordability check - even with a guarantor. If a tenant does not meet the affordability criteria but has passed with a guarantor, it does not mean the guarantor will pay the rent immediately should the tenant fail to pay. Guarantors will be liable for the rent once the tenant goes into rent arrears. If the guarantor refuses to pay, they will be held liable for any legal action against the tenant.


If a tenant fails the employment check because they do not meet the income requirements for the property, their referencing result will be ‘Caution’. We recommend requesting a guarantor in this circumstance. 


If a tenant fails referencing, it is because they do not meet the criteria on their own, they may still be able to proceed with a guarantor. If they cannot provide a guarantor, landlords on the Basic plan can still proceed at their own risk, but landlords on the Essential or Complete plan must have tenants who have passed referencing or have a guarantor. If a landlord decides to proceed with tenants who have failed referencing, we cannot offer you the Essential or Complete plan.