What do I need to give my tenant before they move in?

Before a tenant moves in, they must be given access to:
If a landlord does not provide tenants with these documents, they will not be able to issue a Section 21 notice. Landlords on a paid plan can upload these certificates during Tenancy Setup - just before the tenancy agreement is sent to the tenant to be signed. They will also be sent the latest version of the How to Rent guide.
The tenant can view these documents when they sign the tenancy agreement and revisit them at any point from the Documents section of the dashboard.
All landlords can upload their own documents to the lettingaproperty.com platform for tenants to view.
Tenants must also be told where their tenancy deposit is being stored. This is sometimes referred to as “prescribed information”. On paid plans, this information is available to tenants before they sign their tenancy agreement online and is accessed via the Documents section of the dashboard.