What can I do if my advert isn’t attracting tenants?

If your advert is underperforming, you can follow the recommended actions:
Rearranging your photos
Changing the order of your photographs gives your listing a new look and sparks the interest of potential tenants who may have previously scrolled past. You can do this by clicking Edit property.
Upgrading to a premium listing
premium listing puts your advert at the top of all relevant searches, making it bigger, bolder and attracting more tenants.
Professional photos
High-quality photos really transform your property advert. You can purchase professional photography via Products and Services or from the Boost advert button of your Property Overview.
Changing your criteria
Altering your tenant criteria by allowing pets or smokers can open your property up to more potential tenants.
Reducing your rental price
Dropping your asking price - even by just 2% - will attract those looking for a lower rent. You can change your rental price by clicking Edit property.