Tenant application terms

These terms form part of our wider Terms of Business and should be read alongside applicable letting plan termswebsite and platform termsuser terms and privacy policy.

Under the BasicEssential and Complete plans, landlords can invite interested tenants to apply to rent their property.

The tenant will fill out an application via the lettingaproperty.com platform, sharing their personal details and financial information. This is an opportunity for them to declare any issues, such as debts or low income, that would prevent them from passing reference checks. 

During application, the tenant will be asked to pay a holding deposit of one week's rent.

In the unlikely event that the tenant withdraws from referencing after paying a holding deposit, we will claim the cost of the referencing checks and the listing fee (if applicable) before returning the remaining holding deposit amount to you.

You can then repeat the process of relisting the property without charge once our costs have been recovered.

Landlords not on a letting plan can receive and accept tenant applications, but there will be no holding deposit payment.