I'm moving out, what are the next steps?

Inform your landlord 

If you intend to move out of your property at the end of your fixed term, please contact your landlord to let them know your moving date as soon as possible. You can also contact our team to let us know you will be vacating.

If you want to move out and end your tenancy before the fixed term in your agreement, you must discuss this with your landlord.

Cancel your standing order (if you have one) 

Once you have made your final rent payment, be sure to cancel your standing order if you have one set up. You can see when your final rent payment is from your tenant dashboard. 

Check the inventory and report outstanding issues

To ensure your check-out is smooth, please check your original inventory report (if your landlord supplied one) to ensure the property is returned in the same condition it was let at the start of the tenancy. You can find your inventory in the Documents section of your dashboard. If you can't find it, please contact your landlord to send you a copy. 

If there are any maintenance issues to report, we recommend doing so before you leave.

Clean the property

Returning the property in the condition it was originally let also includes the cleanliness of the property. To avoid losing your tenancy deposit, you should do a thorough cleaning of the property. Some tenants opt for a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service, but this is not mandatory. 

Read more: Tenant's Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning

Please note that landlords cannot legally request a professional end-of-tenancy clean from tenants.

Arrange your move

Make sure you confirm your moving date with your landlord so they can arrange a key handover and a check-out inspection. If you need a moving van, it's best to book it as soon as possible. You get a quote here.

Receiving your tenancy deposit

Once the keys have been handed back to the landlord or inventory clerk, and your landlord has given authorisation for us to release the deposit, you will hear directly from the TDS or SafeDeposits Scotland.