I have multiple interested tenants. How do I choose?

If your property is popular, you may have the pleasant problem of choosing between several interested tenants. In this situation, considering the following questions may help you make a decision.

Have they made a good impression so far?

If your tenant turned up on time to the viewing, has been clear about their intentions and there have been no difficulties communicating, these can be positive signs of a good potential tenant. Your first impression can tell you a lot. 

How soon can they move in?

The sooner your tenant can move in, the shorter your void period will be.

Do they want to stay for at least 12 months?

Ideally, you want your tenant to stay in the property for as long as possible. If you have one tenant that’s looking for a 6-month contract and another wanting a long-term home, the latter will provide you with more security - and less chance of having to readvertise any time soon.

Does their pre-screening information fit the property?

Before booking a viewing, tenants will be asked to give some information about themselves to ensure they’re right for the property. This includes their combined household income, whether they need a guarantor and declaring any CCJs or debts. If the tenant doesn’t meet the income requirements of the property, they won’t pass reference checks and may not be able to afford the rent. Considering this information can certainly help you when deciding between two or more interested tenants.