How long does my advert last?

All property listings with are live for a maximum of eight weeks. If your property is not receiving much interest, you can use the Advert Performance Trackerâ„¢ to find out exactly what you need to do to improve your listing.
Learn more about your Advert Performance Tracker.

Letting plan landlords

If you are on the Basic, Essential or Complete plan, once your tenant completes an application, your advert will be marked as Let Agreed. If your tenant cancels or withdraws from the application and you need to continue advertising, you can publish your advert for the remaining time left on your listing. For example, if your tenant withdraws two weeks after your advert was originally published, you will have six weeks remaining on your advert.

Find a Tenant advertising only

If you are using our Find a Tenant service only, if you unpublish your advert it cannot be published again unless Find a Tenant advertising is repurchased.