How do I create and sign the tenancy agreement?

If you are on a BasicEssential or Complete Plan, you can create your tenancy agreement once your tenant has passed referencing.
Once the referencing has been completed, you will receive communication from your Tenancy Manager. You can create the tenancy agreement by logging into your dashboard, click on the references tab, select the tenancy and click on the green 'Create Contract' button.  
The Digital Contract Maker will guide you through the steps and ask you for all the information needed for a water-tight legal tenancy agreement.
If you are using an existing property that you have already added to your dashboard, most of the information will be prepopulated, making it even easier for you to set up your tenancy. This includes:
  • The property details (address, type of property, condition and energy supply)
  • Property owner details
  • Mortgage and insurance information
  • Tenancy details (type of agreement, tenant and guarantor information, tenancy start date and length)
  • Rent amount (monthly or weekly amount, included bills, due date and recurring payment setup)
  • Deposit amount
All this information will then be automatically inputted into an online legal agreement. All legally required clauses will be included, but you can choose from a selection of additional clauses if you need to. These clauses are optional and often refer to things specific to the property, such as gardens and outdoor areas, bins and storage, and alterations to the property.
You can read and review the entire contract to ensure you are happy with it. At the end of the Tenancy setup process, you must sign your tenancy agreement online. The agreement will then be sent automatically to the tenant for them to digitally sign.