Can I increase the rent?

Existing tenants
Landlords can increase the monthly rent, as long as there is a clause in the contract stating the increased amount and when it will take effect. Landlords have the option to increase their rent amount when they renew the tenancy.
The rent increase request will be submitted to our team, who will review the amount to ensure it is reasonable. The tenant will then be informed and asked to confirm that they agree with the increase. If agreed, the rent amount will be updated.
Alternatively, landlords can issue a Section 13 notice to review and increase the rent after 12 months. Landlords can discuss and negotiate the increase with tenants via the Message Centre. Rent review amounts are normally specified in a tenancy agreement or can be linked to an established index, such as Retail Price Index (RPI) or Consumer Price Index (CPI).
Rent reviews that are excessive are likely to be seen as unfair and will not be enforceable.
New tenants
If a tenant is leaving and the property is being readvertised, landlords can increase the rent from the previous tenancy if they want to. Monthly rents must be reasonable and in line with the market value. 
If you are unsure how much rent you should charge, our team can provide you with a rental valuation.